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About Riviera Maya
Welcome to a world of ancient Aztecs and astronomical enigmas, gorgeous beaches with incomparable turquoise waters, and the lush, exotic landscapes of México

Below are a few useful facts that may be of interest to you during your stay:

Country: México

Population: 103 million

Official Language: Spanish. Mexico is also home to more than 50 indigenous languages. English is widely spoken, too, due to the country’s proximity to the U.S.

Capital: México City

Official Currency: Peso

Official Religion: Catholicism

Surface Area: 772,204 m2

Number of States: 32

Weather: México is located in North America, in a region that is home to multiple climates, including the Caribbean and Pacific climates, as well as the country's inland climate. Different regions of the country are dry, humid, arid, subhumid, hot, and temperate.

Temperatures range from 64º to 84º F, depending on the time of year. In short, you could say that México as a whole has a tropical climate.

The dry season lasts from October to May, and it rains an average of approximately 70 days a year. In places like Ciudad Juárez, in the heart of the desert, both winter and summer temperatures tend to be extreme, plummeting to below freezing in winter and climbing to more than 104º F in summer.

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